Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Heritage Cottages?


The Heritage Cottages are a new 55+ community for those looking to "right size" their home and simplify their lifestyle. Our association will take care of all the maintenance so that residents can enjoy carefree living. Quality construction by K & L Homes can be observed throughout and the maintenance-free exteriors will offer peace of mind whether residents are at home or away.



Who can live in a 55+ community?



The Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) allows communities such as Heritage Cottages to restrict occupancy to households with at least one person 55 years or older per housing unit. To qualify for HOPA at least 80 percent of the occupied units must be occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older, which is verified every two years. Neither HOPA, nor the Heritage Cottages Bylaws prohibit persons under the age of 55 from occupying the units.



What are the lot sizes?



The Heritage Cottages are built on land which is owned in common by all the unit owners. Consequently, there are no individual lots or lot lines.



What are the Common Elements?



Common Elements are things like roadways, utility lines and green spaces. They are owned and maintained by the association and used by all the unit owners.



What are the Limited Common Elements?



Limited Common Elements are things like walkways, decks, patios and driveways which are adjacent to each unit and are used exclusively by the unit owners.



Who cleans the streets?



Street maintenance and snow removal is provided by the association.



Who is responsible for trash removal?



Trash removal is provided by the City of Bismarck and each unit has individual trash receptacles.



Is guest parking provided and are vehicles allowed to remain outside?



Guests may park in the driveway of the adjacent unit or in locations provided. No vehicle, boat, trailer, etc. may remain outside permanently and must be moved within forty-eight (48) hours. Parking is not permitted on the roadways at any time.



Is there exterior lighting throughout the development?



Landscape lighting is provided at the entrances and each unit has exterior lighting which comes on automatically at night to illuminate the exterior of the units along with adjacent walkways and roadways.



What are the association fees?



At this time the association fees are still to be determined. However, we are estimating the association fees between $200-$300 per month.



How are the units insured?



The association is responsible for insuring the common elements with general liability and casualty insurance. The association also insures the exterior and the structure of the units from the sheetrock out. Unit owners are responsible to insure their personal property and any fixtures or finishes inside the structure from the sheetrock in.  We recommend that unit owners discuss Loss Assessment coverage and review the bylaws with their insurance advisor.



What are the taxes?



At this time the tax assessments are also to be determined. However, a realistic range would be $3,000-$5,000 per year depending on the size of the unit.



Who provides maintenance for the exterior of the units?



Maintenance for the exterior of the units is provided by the association in addition to maintenance of the common elements



Who adjusts the watering for the landscaping and how is it paid for?



Watering for the landscaping is controlled and paid for by the association.



How are the water bills for the individual units allocated?



Each building has one water and sewer line and one water meter. Water bills are allocated with the association fees.



What are minimum maintenance areas?



Minimum maintenance areas are noted on the site plan. They are not watered and are only mowed and maintained on an as needed basis.



How are utilities billed for the units?



Each unit has its own electric meter provided by Capital Electric and gas meter provided by MDU.



Are fences allowed?



Fences are not allowed.



Are pets allowed?



Domestic pets are allowed but limited to dogs, cats, fish and birds. The number of dogs and cats are limited to two (2) per Unit. All pets must remain on a leash and accompanied by a human when outside of a Unit. Any animal waste deposited on a common area must be removed by the owner of the animal.



How is mail delivered?



Mail is delivered to the cluster boxes provided by the association. Boxes are assigned to each unit and keyed by the USPS. Keys may be obtained by contacting the postmaster.



How are the party walls constructed?



The party walls between the units consists of two 1" sheets of fire rated gypsum extending from the concrete floor to the roof sheeting. There is a 2x4 wall on each side of the gypsum with a 1.5" gap between the wall and the gypsum which is insulated with blown-in fiberglass insulation.